L1025 Small Lamp *Rawhide Shade Included $275.00
L2050 Medium Lamp *Rawhide Shade Included $325.00
L3090 Large Lamp *Rawhide Shade Included $375.00
FL2050 Elk Floor Lamp $1250.00
LS0047 Small Rawhide Shade $74.00
LS0019 Medium Rawhide Shade $91.00
LS00441 Large Rawhide Shade $144.00
HP0039 Small Hand Painted Rawhide Shade $93.00
HP0052 Medium Hand Painted Rawhide Shade $125.00
HP0091 Large Hand Painted Rawhide Shade $190.00
TP1020 Small Rawhide Tee Pee Lamp $100.00
TP2020 Large Rawhide Tee Pee Lamp $120.00
S1049 Sconce $299.00
F1030 Fireplace Tools, 3 Piece Tool Set $149.00
F3030 Fireplace Tools, 4 Piece Moose Base $299.00
F2030 Fireplace Tools, 4 Piece Tool Set $199.00
ET2050 Mule Deer End Table $759.00
ET3050 Extra Large Mule Deer End Table $859.00
ET4050 Elk End Table $1400.00
CT4050 Elk Coffee Table $3300.00
C1059 Clock $99.00
CB1035 Cribbage Board $79.00
B1035 Bookend, Oak $69.00
B2035 Bookend, Rustic Barn Wood $59.00
PL2015 Picture Frame, Oak 8x10 $42.00
PL1015 Picture Frame, Oak 5x7 $39.00
K1250 Key Chain, Antler Chip $5.99
K2250 Key Chain, Antler Tip $5.99
CH1035 Candelabrum, Style 1 Black or Brass $69.00
CH2035 Candelabrum, Style 2 Black or Brass $69.00
CA3035 Candelabrum, Triple $99.00
TL103 Shade Care Products - Lotion $9.95
LT1015 Lamp tops - Spike $15.00
LT2015 Lamp tops - Fork $15.00
NH2030 Salt n pepper shakers/Napkin holder $79.00
SP1020 Salt-n-pepper shakers $69.00
BH1020 Business card holder $49.00
AB3020 Antler Basket with Fire starters $80-100.00
AB2020 Antler Basket $89.00
AB1020 Antler Basket $69.00
W1050 Whitetail Antler Pen $35.00
WP1050 Whitetail Antler Pencil $35.00
E2060 Elk Antler Pen $50.00
EP2060 Elk Antler Pencil $50.00
C2060 Caribou Antler Pen $50.00
CP2060 Caribou Antler Pencil $50.00
PC3050-WT Whitetail Pen & Pencil Combo With Case $80.00
PC3050-Elk Elk Pen & Pencil Combo With Case $110.00
PC3050-CB Caribou Pen& Pencil Combo With Case $110.00
DS3050-WT Whitetail Single Desk Set $49.00
DS3050-Elk Elk Single Desk Set $64.00
DS3050-CB Caribou Single Desk Set $64.00

*All prices are subject to change without notice.